Monday, June 29, 2009

Bye Bye Confederations Cup

Wow what a great day it was if you are the football fan as we saw one of the best two games ever as one would dream of in a day but both went to the favourites as accepted but not the way one thought it would as they had to fight as hard as they can to get the victory in their hands first it was spain who were playing against the host of the confederations cup south africa who were not there just to count the numbers they fought as well one could for the third place playoff as the match had everything that can give one the heartattack in the end spain turned out to win the game with liverpool midfielder scoring in extra time to giving thrilling victory to spain, But it was not enough if you saw the other game then you would be like mum which saw brazil take on usa in the final of the confedrations cup it was one of the best final one can remember after uefa champions league final of liverpool vs ac milan this game saw oone of the best comebacks ever in the history after going 2-0 down brazilians comeback to win 3-2 in another thrilling victory although there was a goal from kaka in middle of the game which was disallowed by the referees still brazil came out on top with their defender lucio scoring the late winner which earned brazil the title they truly deserved.

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