Monday, August 3, 2009

Sports And Champions

Last few month have been shocking as far as sporting events are concerned first we saw pakistan win the t20 world cup in cricket which never looked possible before the tournament started then england beating australia in ashes test which never looked possible sometime back then we saw 6 race winner jensen button looked out of sorts in f1 now u feel he can hardly pick a point why has that happened may be because other teams have come up with the terms bit late then they would have we saw last year's champion lewis hamilton win the hungarian gp and a massive crash of ferrari's flippe massa which has gone bit serious but if you will ask the f1 lovers they will say they are happy with it as they got the shocking accouncement of Michael Schumacher coming back for ferrari for the time massa will be out some say its good some say he has made the wrong decision just like jensen button came up with the statement that "Michael Schumacher has kept all his reputation on stake with his comeback" statements such as those can be bit senseless as why will 7 time champions reputation will be on stake for just 2-3 races we all know he has given all his carrer to ferrari they need a replacement for massa who is recovering from the crash and they have struggled all season with these new rules and regulations this man can be the answer to all ferrari speculations that they are not good any more.