Monday, August 3, 2009

Sports And Champions

Last few month have been shocking as far as sporting events are concerned first we saw pakistan win the t20 world cup in cricket which never looked possible before the tournament started then england beating australia in ashes test which never looked possible sometime back then we saw 6 race winner jensen button looked out of sorts in f1 now u feel he can hardly pick a point why has that happened may be because other teams have come up with the terms bit late then they would have we saw last year's champion lewis hamilton win the hungarian gp and a massive crash of ferrari's flippe massa which has gone bit serious but if you will ask the f1 lovers they will say they are happy with it as they got the shocking accouncement of Michael Schumacher coming back for ferrari for the time massa will be out some say its good some say he has made the wrong decision just like jensen button came up with the statement that "Michael Schumacher has kept all his reputation on stake with his comeback" statements such as those can be bit senseless as why will 7 time champions reputation will be on stake for just 2-3 races we all know he has given all his carrer to ferrari they need a replacement for massa who is recovering from the crash and they have struggled all season with these new rules and regulations this man can be the answer to all ferrari speculations that they are not good any more.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hats Of To Wimbledon Final

Last night we saw one of the incredible finals you will ever see in the history of wimbledon where the swiss legend roger federer just came in front of sixth seed american andy roddick who gave the all he has got but was still not good enough to beat roger this was roddick's third final and he has lost all the finals to roger federer but has never been so close to the title like he was in this years final where he lost 14-12 in the see-saw final even after losing the roddick has won so many hearts of the people all around the world crowd just went out of control just after the match ended their was special cheers for supporters which made andy stand everyone felt so sad for the american who really deserved to win after putting such a show, of you read my earlier post Who Will Win Wimbledon you will see i predicted andy roddick to go all the way and maybe win the grandslam he has always wanted to but the great roger federer is he never gave up and kept fighting till roddick paniced and lost his serve which was hard to break throught the match all in all no one thought we will ever see as good a final we saw last year where nadal beat roger 9-7 in the final set but going at 14-12 was something amazing, there were great tennis legends there watching the game from stands likes of sampras brog and mcenroe not to foget the final borg and mcenroe played which went to 18-16 in the fifth set if ever any final will be close to that this one will be it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bye Bye Confederations Cup

Wow what a great day it was if you are the football fan as we saw one of the best two games ever as one would dream of in a day but both went to the favourites as accepted but not the way one thought it would as they had to fight as hard as they can to get the victory in their hands first it was spain who were playing against the host of the confederations cup south africa who were not there just to count the numbers they fought as well one could for the third place playoff as the match had everything that can give one the heartattack in the end spain turned out to win the game with liverpool midfielder scoring in extra time to giving thrilling victory to spain, But it was not enough if you saw the other game then you would be like mum which saw brazil take on usa in the final of the confedrations cup it was one of the best final one can remember after uefa champions league final of liverpool vs ac milan this game saw oone of the best comebacks ever in the history after going 2-0 down brazilians comeback to win 3-2 in another thrilling victory although there was a goal from kaka in middle of the game which was disallowed by the referees still brazil came out on top with their defender lucio scoring the late winner which earned brazil the title they truly deserved.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who Will Win Wimbledon

Wimbledon has had another thrilling year so far with most of the seeds going through apart from few here and there with nadal not taking the part in the event it looks like a pretty dull but not for brits as they have their local hero andy murray has a biggest chance a british player can ever have all he is got to think of is beating number 2 seed roger federer althrough there are few others who can pull the upset as far as winning the tournament is concern but it wont be easy to beat roger federer who has a point to prove this season after losing in a thrilling final of the last years wimbledon and eventually went on to loose his number 1 ranking to rafeal nadal who is not playing due to a injury this year in the event but there is gonna be another threat in the form of andy roddick who is also thought by many to win this years championship with all the experience and game he has which is pretty suitable for grass courts all in all it will be great and intresting few days of tennis

Friday, June 26, 2009

Unpredectable Week in Sports

It has been unpredictable week in all sports going around first we saw pakistan beating the favourites srilanka to win the final of world t20 and then we saw maria sharapova the former wimbledon champion crashed out in the second round of the tournament to the young unseeded player which shocked many as it was second early exit for sharapova in two susessive years as she had earlier lost in the first round of wimbledon last year in 2008 then we saw 5th seed del potro going down to former us open champion leyton hewitt but the best shock so far was to see spain lossing to minnows of soccer USA with the cliassic 2-0 victory with the goals from altidore and dempsey which saw the euro champions go home packing their bags. It was again a close fought 2nd semifinal which saw southafrica the host giving unbelieveable performance but it just didnt turn out to be enough for brazil who were completely outplayed by the hosts but brazil just came through with the late 87th minute goal by the barca right back danny alves which saw brazil get away on the day and fix the final with usa.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Deserving champions pakistan

Pakistan proved they were deserving world champions in twenty 20 world championship of cricket in yesterdays final where they beat srilanka by eight wickets in what turned out to be a comfertable victory in the end they were completely out played in the first phase of the tournament by england it looked very difficult at the time that pakistan will go beyond the super six stage but they turned around completely at the expense of droping senior players like salman butt and sohail tanvir and bringing in young blood in the form of shahzad and mohammad aamir who were very impressing in the tournament and no one can forget contributions of shahid afridi with the ball through out the tournament and his couple of half centuries in semi finals and finals did turned out to be crucial figure in their victory, Pakistan who lost in the finals last year against india and they truly deserve to win the championship.