Monday, July 6, 2009

Hats Of To Wimbledon Final

Last night we saw one of the incredible finals you will ever see in the history of wimbledon where the swiss legend roger federer just came in front of sixth seed american andy roddick who gave the all he has got but was still not good enough to beat roger this was roddick's third final and he has lost all the finals to roger federer but has never been so close to the title like he was in this years final where he lost 14-12 in the see-saw final even after losing the roddick has won so many hearts of the people all around the world crowd just went out of control just after the match ended their was special cheers for supporters which made andy stand everyone felt so sad for the american who really deserved to win after putting such a show, of you read my earlier post Who Will Win Wimbledon you will see i predicted andy roddick to go all the way and maybe win the grandslam he has always wanted to but the great roger federer is he never gave up and kept fighting till roddick paniced and lost his serve which was hard to break throught the match all in all no one thought we will ever see as good a final we saw last year where nadal beat roger 9-7 in the final set but going at 14-12 was something amazing, there were great tennis legends there watching the game from stands likes of sampras brog and mcenroe not to foget the final borg and mcenroe played which went to 18-16 in the fifth set if ever any final will be close to that this one will be it.